What we offer

We categorise our seagrass services into Four broad thematic areas: Research, Train, Engage and Educate. In all of our work, we maintain our overarching commitment to raise awareness and knowledge of Seagrass ecosystems

Our Mission

Raise awareness on the condition and trend of nearshore seagrass ecosystems, provide an early warning of major coastal environment changes and to protect the valuable seagrass meadows along our coasts

 Seagrass-Watch monitoring efforts are vital to assist with tracking global patterns in seagrass health, and assess the human impacts which have the potential to destroy or degrade these coastal ecosystems and decrease their yield of natural resources. Responsive management based on adequate information will help to prevent any further significant areas and species being lost. To protect the valuable seagrass meadows along our coasts, everyone must work together.

Program Goals

What we do

Quality Science


Our Team offers a variety of survey methods from Helicopter (Aerial) surveys to Drop Cameras to remote sensing.  Our Dive Team are well seasoned with the practical and academic skills to conduct underwater surveys.

Our Team has the experience and skills to conduct Research/surveys, at local (location) scale, Regional and Country Scale.

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Using Helicopters/Drones, our team is able to cover large areas of seagrass.


Well seasoned Dive Team, with practical and academic skills to conduct underwater surveys.


Fine scale monitoring uses a number of techniques developed by Seagrass-Watch.


Drop Camera techniques have been dramatically improved by our team.

4 Tier


We offer 4 endorsed courses: Introductory, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 2.1.


Anyone interested in seagrass should attend this course

level 1

For Experienced participants planning on seagrass monitoring

level 2

Experienced participants refreshing/updating skills

level 2.1

Advanced participants upgrading skills


Earth Observing

Seagrass-Watch is currently developing an Earth Observing Training course, made up of 6 Modules.  

Modules 1 -3

Drone operation to Mapping

modules 4-6

Image Processing to Planning

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More information Coming soon



More information Coming soon