Team Capacity

The Seagrass-Watch team are a dedicated global group of scientists who share a common interest in seagrass and marine conservation, with extensive experience in seagrass research, coastal management assessments including fisheries habitat, resource mapping/assessment and biodiversity globally.

Seagrass-Watch Team

Our Capacity

The program has a strong scientific underpinning with an emphasis on consistent data collection, recording and reporting. Scientific, statistical, data management, data interpretation and logistic support underpins all monitoring efforts. Seagrass-Watch identifies areas important for seagrass species diversity and conservation and the information collected is used to assist the management of coastal environments and to prevent significant areas and species being lost.

Meeting Challenges

Seagrass-Watch provides research and expertise to help meet challenges related to sustainable ocean use, so governments can make informed decisions about marine management. To accomplish this we collaborate, consult and provide/exchange data and expertise with scientists and researchers (local and international), stakeholders, First Nations people and the wider community.


We are contantly evolving, finding better ways to capture, analyse and share information to better understand how natural and human pressures affect marine ecosystems.

Global Focus

The focus of our research is to support a resilient Great Barrier Reef and nearshore seagrass ecosystems Globally

Quality Science

Rigorous design of experimentation and field sampling. Documented standardised procedures. Reports/publications meet rigorous peer & internal reviews.

Long-Term Data

Long-term data sets and sample archives (collected over decades) allow us to revisit and review our science outputs, and to build our understanding of complex ecosystems as our knowledge base expands