Seagrass spotter

What is SeagrassSpotter

SeagrassSpotter was created by Project Seagrass (Seagrass-Watch partner) in association with Cardiff University and Swansea University. SeagrassSpotter is a free app, ensuring ocean enthusiasts around the world can become citizen scientists who contribute to marine conservation with just a few taps of their phone.

Seagrass scientist’s have made some important scientific breakthroughs with seagrass in recent years, but seagrass remain incredibly threatened and are still under-appreciated globally. Seagrass Spotter seeks to build on this and expand the number of people studying seagrass from a handful of scientists to hundreds and potentially thousands of ‘citizen scientists.’ As part of efforts to build a sustainable monitoring network, and by leveraging the enthusiasm of everyone from fishers to SCUBA divers to people on vacations at the beach, we’ll create a more comprehensive picture of seagrass meadows around the globe.

This in turn will inspire new scientific research and practical conservation measures that can help protect ocean habitats.

Working together with citizen scientists all over the world, we’ll accomplish big things for seagrass and other vulnerable marine species, but only with your help.